Victor Toapanta Salazar

  1. 250 EURO
    Oil on hardboard , 20x20 cm Palettes knives & hands Not Framed 250 EURO
  2. 500EURO
    Drunken Nostalgia
    Oil on hard board 30x30cm Palattes Knives & hands Framed 500EURO
  3. 280 EURO
    Within the bleu and green of waves where the birds sway...
    Oil on hardboard 20x20CM Palette and hands technique Not Framed 280 EURO
  4. 600 EURO
    Galloping hunger
    Galloping hunger..., hope across the big sea...(Irish history 1847) Oil on Fabriano Papper, Palette technique, 40x30cm Not Framed 600 EURO
  5. 1250 EURO
    Glendalough studio
    Oil on hard board 80x80cm Palattes Knives & hands Not Framed 1250 EURO
  6. 500 EUO
    Layers of rebellious (Ireland's history)
    Oil on Fabriano Paper, 40x30cm Palette knives & hand technique Not Framed 500 EURO
  7. 450 EURO
    The pressure of diamonds
    Oil on hard-board canvas 20x20cm Palette knives and hand technique Not Framed 450 EURO
  8. 1050 euros
    Raging flowers dos
    Oil on hard-board gesso base/ palettes knives technique 80cmx80cm Framed 1050 euros
  9. 200 EURO
    Echoes of Forbidden City (China)
    Oil on board. 30x13cm Palettes knives & hands Not Framed 200 EURO
  10. SOLD!
    Impressions of late afternoons in An Tulach county Clare.
    Oil on board 40x30cm Palettes knives & hands Not Framed SOLD!
  11. 550 EURO
    Abstract number 6 / First painting 2015
    Oil on Linen-hard board/ 40x40cm Palette knives technique Framed The sea of experiences within an ocean of thoughts 550 EURO
  12. 650 EURO
    Wild horses spirit
    Oil on Fabriano Paper 40x30cm Palette and hands technique Not Framed 650 EURO
  13. 450 EURO
    Witnessing an eruption of thrill
    Oil on hard board 40x30cm Palettes knives & hands Framed 450 EURO